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 Hollywood Fact: In 1990 actress Winona Ryder shot to fame when she invented Johnny Depp. At the time she said in an interview, “It happened by accident when I was working on a story with Tim Burton. I made this sort of acting dummy to improvise with, and Tim said it would be a great story for a […]

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 Hollywood Fact: In the original script of Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Jason Schwartzman’s character Cousin Ben was originally played by famous goat actor Billy Joe Henderson. After relentlessly screen testing both actors for sufficient whimsicalness Henderson got the part. However, two weeks into the shoot director Wes Anderson was fed up with Henderson not learning his lines and […]

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Hollywood Fact: When shooting the film The Killers in 1946, director  Robert Siodmak, who was German, thought that Burt Lancaster’s character ‘the Swede’ was based on the vegetable. It was not until after he made Lancaster, and co-star Ava Gardner, undertake ‘character work’ on the beach that his misunderstanding was discovered.   Hollywood Fact: Before James Dean could afford to […]

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Hollywood Fact: Before becoming a versatile actor in the movies Jake Gyllenhaal was a celebrated ventriloquist artist. His puppet was called Sir Archibald Suspender, impoverished gentry and a sarcastic commentator of current events. Hollywood Fact: Gregory Peck was actually a character played by dog actor Macintosh who wore a latex rubber suit for 47 years. […]