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Billy Wilder

Mensch Sein  Billy Wilder – The Hollywood Émigré as Outsider   A film opens with a corpse, two bullets in the back and one in the stomach, floating face down in the swimming pool of a faded movie star – and the audience is laughing. Two musicians, Joe and Jerry, escape the mob by joining […]

Geek-Kultur: Angekommen im Mainstream

My text from the BOI debate 2015 (yes, the one with Milo) Essay von Maren Thom I was asked for the panel on ‘The Battle over Geek Culture’ at the Battle of Ideas to think about what is new about today’s vehement fights over all things nerdy. I am a film academic and a person […]

A Desire for Closeness- The Films of Todd Solondz

In honour of the release of Todd Solondz’s new film Wiener-Dog today I thought I would dig up my old piece on the man and his films. I wrote this in 2003, a young precocious undergraduate, full of admiration for Solondz. I am still in love  with his films although I hope my English and my ideas have become a […]