The Hateful Eight (2015)

quentin-tarantino-kurt-russell-hateful-eightSome years ago: “We are selling all remaining 70mm film stock in the world”
QT:”I’ll buy it and make one film.”
“Quentin are you sure? That is a lot of film”
QT kills him. 
QT:”Oh! There is a split diopter at the bottom of the pile! Wonder if I can use it?”
QT makes film
QT:”Actors listen up! I have cast you because you can follow direction. Here is your motivation: there is too much mustard and you need to ham it up so much that it will save the world. Not you Bruce Dern, you are good.”
QT gets Ennio Morricone to score the film. He wins the Golden Globe because he should. It’s a f*in awesome score and he is a god!!
The film, which is a play, is very good

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